When duckhorn wine became a trend, it was a real estate hit

A few years ago, when I started my first real estate practice, my colleagues and I started to dream of getting into the wine business.

When I first met a couple of our partners, I had no idea that I would be one of the first in our family to make wine.

For years, my parents and I worked in the same wine bar in the downtown Vancouver neighbourhood where we lived.

We’d been there for more than a decade, and it had been there since I was a child.

“We always loved to play golf with my cousins and it was always fun,” I said.

The family’s backyard was filled with duckhorn vines, and I loved that I could watch the grapes grow in their greenhouses, which were hidden away in a narrow alleyway.

I also loved the way the wine tasted.

It wasn’t just the flavour and texture of the wine, but the way it blended with the surrounding elements.

And while it was great to be able to go out into the neighbourhood and try the best of the neighbourhood’s wines, there was something about being able to come home and watch my family enjoy the same winemaking that we did.

Eventually, it started to feel like a normal part of life for us.

As a kid, we’d all go to the backyard to drink wine.

I remember sitting in my car seat watching my dad make wine in his backyard.

But it wasn’t until my father started to make his own wine that it became a regular part of our family’s holiday ritual.

My dad used to invite us to visit his vineyard to watch the vines grow.

He’d invite us in at the time when they were young, and he’d show us around and we’d enjoy watching them grow.

As a kid growing up in Vancouver, I was obsessed with growing grapes, but it wasn�t until I met my future wife that I realized how much wine I loved.

Our relationship grew to the point where we’d buy our own wine, and our son would drive me around with him to the vineyards to pick out grapes and try them on his own.

We didn�t have a backyard in the house, but my son could easily walk down the street and see the vineyard from our backyard window.

Since I was the only one of my family who worked in real estate, it wasn?t long before I was hired to manage a small real estate company that was looking to buy a winery and vineyard in the city.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what the company would look like, but I knew we were going to need a winemaker and vineyards for our client.

In the end, it became clear that the company we were hiring for the job would be a winemaker.

This was the year we made our first sale, and the winemaker I hired was one of those young people who loved to be in the wine industry.

While he was making wine at home, I got to work as a consultant with him on the development of a winette.

By then, my son had already started his own vineyard and had started growing grapes on the property that he owned.

A couple of years later, he started working in my vineyard as well.

With my father on the wine side, the business became a natural fit for us, and we were able to focus on the family business as well as our careers.

That was three years ago.

Then, a few months ago, we found ourselves in a bit of a jam.

Because of the time constraints involved in the business, our client was working on a large wine winery, and a winenor was in need of a partner.

After many years of trying to make money, I started thinking about my family.

Why wasn’t my family doing the same things that they did?

What would it be like if I started a family of wine?

As the weeks passed, my wife started to wonder about what I would do with my life if I decided to have a family.

 After a couple years of researching it, we eventually decided to do what we always wanted to do: move back to Vancouver.

Once we moved back to the city, we had a whole new perspective about what a family would be like.

Everything was on the table, from the wine to the wine tasting to the wines for our kids to make.

Over the next few months, I saw a lot of opportunities that my parents hadn’t been able to see in years.

Through my involvement with the company, we could create an amazing wine and winery for our family, and have them be a part of the family for life.

Now, a couple weeks before we move in for the holidays, my husband and I have a great wine list,


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