Wine cabinet made with Wine Flu virus: Made by Wine Flu

Wine Flu is making a splash in the wine industry, and the latest batch of Wine Flu wine making kits could be just the tool to go with it.

The kit, named the “Flu Wine Maker”, is a $1,100 kit, which includes a 2-quart pot and a 1-liter flask.

It includes all the necessary supplies, as well as instructions for how to make wine in a laboratory.

It is available for pre-order for $1 and will ship in November.

It’s unclear what type of wine Flu has produced.

There’s no word on when the kits will be available.

The kits come in different flavors, with a red wine, a black wine, and a white wine.

Each kit includes the following:The kit has a 1.5-liter capacity, which should be enough for about a dozen glasses of wine, according to the maker’s website.

This is about as much capacity as a standard wine fermentor.

The kit includes a temperature controller, a small fan, and an air conditioner.

The Wine Flu kit also comes with a glass, which is an optional extra, according the maker.

The maker says it’s designed to be used in a home or business setting, where it can be used to cool down the wine and keep the alcohol level low.

The maker says that the Flu wine maker is designed to work with all types of wine (including non-wine) and that it can also be used as a wine maker to produce sparkling wine.

The Flu kit comes with an 18-ounce glass that can hold about 30 glasses.

The company says the Flu bottle is made of polypropylene, and that the glass is covered in a durable protective film to help prevent bacterial growth.

The wine maker’s instructions, however, are vague.

The site says that one of the most important steps in making wine is to add a bit of water to the wine, then stir it until it becomes syrupy.

Then add the sugar and vinegar, and you’re good to go.

There are also instructions on how to add alcohol, but there’s no information on what alcohol to add.

The website says that adding alcohol can be as simple as pouring some of it into the wine.

The makers instructions say that adding the wine to a bottle is the most popular way to drink it, and adding a little more is also common.

The manufacturer also warns that some people may be concerned about the alcohol content in their wine.

“Some people may think that the alcohol in wine can be harmful if they drink it without adding a few drops of alcohol,” the company says.

“This can happen even if you add a little bit of wine to the alcohol that you’re adding.

In fact, if you do, you can end up with a bad taste in your mouth.”

The maker also recommends that you use a sanitized bottle, and keep it clean.

You can use the Wine Flu bottle for a short time, but it should be kept in a cool place until the wine is cold.

If you’re not careful, the Flu could become infected and cause serious problems.


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