Wine glasses with stemless frames: An old-school, new-school approach

Wine glasses made from glass with no stem are popular with consumers.

But they’re also a pain in the ass to clean and can pose a health risk, according to experts.

The new approach, with stem-free frames, might be a good alternative.

1 of 10 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × What the media said on the day of the crash of Flight 11, Sept. 11, 2012: What you need to know about the crash View Photos The Boeing 767 crashed in the New York City area in a devastating collapse, killing all 295 aboard.

Here are some key moments from the day’s coverage: NPR’s Chris Hayes, author of “The New York Times Book Review: The Last Flight,” joins the Today show to discuss the investigation.

“The plane that crashed into the World Trade Center was a Boeing 757, not a jetliner.

So the plane was not a Boeing jetliner, so we didn’t need to find any trace of jetliner wreckage,” Hayes said.

“It was a passenger jet.

And there were no indications of any jetliner debris.”

The plane crashed in lower Manhattan, and authorities say the cockpit voice recorder contained a call that was sent to the Pentagon, indicating that the crash was a terrorist attack.

“We think the flight attendants were aware of that, and they were able to do a number of things, including call for help, but not to try and do anything that would make it look like the plane that they were on was hijacked,” said David Stovall, the president of the American Airlines Pilots Association.

The American Airlines pilots’ association is not a member of the NTSB.

“I don’t think that the cockpit recording would have been very helpful,” Stovill said.

The NTSB did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The crash investigation will continue, and it is possible that the investigators could find a link between the crash and the hijacking of Flight 77, according with a report by CNN.


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