Shaoxing, merlot wine and bourbon are the new premium beverages

A brand-new wine from the Shaoxiong family is hitting the market, and it’s the kind of wine that would appeal to those who want to indulge in a fine meal or a few glasses of champagne.

Shaoxiontong Wang, the son of Shaoxon Wang, said the name Shaoxong is an allusion to the family’s traditional Shaoxian wine, a fermented red wine with an earthy taste and a strong smoky aroma.

It is not a traditional Chinese wine but it has been made with a number of traditional ingredients and is a rare treat in China.

Shanghai’s Shaoxions wine producer, Shaxing Wine, said it is a red wine made with locally-sourced ingredients that was chosen because it has a stronger smoky and spicy flavor than other Chinese red wines.

Shaxings wine is meant to appeal to Chinese consumers who have been told that Chinese wines are not authentic enough for Western tastes. 

The Shaoxings wine, made with fermented red grapes and wild yeasts, is being sold in select restaurants in China and has a taste that is closer to that of a Chinese red wine than traditional Chinese reds.

Shoxions founder Shaxiontou Wang said the brand name Shaxtong is a reference to the Shaaxion family’s tradition of traditional Shaaxian wine.

He said Shaxtons is a blend of wild yeast, grape juice, sugar, yeast and yeast extracts, all of which give it the smoky taste that distinguishes Shaoxons from other traditional reds and is the reason it is one of the most sought-after wines in China today. 

Wang said the Shaxtions family is working on an international launch.

“The first international release will be in China in 2017, and we are planning to launch a second overseas launch in 2020,” he said. 

Shaxion Wine, based in Beijing, is one step closer to having a global presence.

In June, it opened a store in Australia and plans to open a wine store in China soon.

It also plans to launch an online store in 2018. 

“Our goal is to make a global wine brand and make it accessible to all people around the world,” Wang said.


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