The 10 Best Wine Types and Their Winners

The list of the 10 Best French Wine Types has been revealed and here is the list of them.1.

Merlot – (Wine and Spirits Daily)  This is the second highest rated wine on this list after the Merlot.

The Merlot has been around for over 200 years, and its a very distinctive grape, with a high acidity and low sweetness. 

The Merlot is known for its red wine and for being an all-rounder of red wines. 


Chardonnay –  (The Wine Spectator) This wine is also known for being a little bit sweeter, but it has a lot of red grapes that give it a very different character. 


Pinot Noir –  (Livin Wine Blog) (Livins Wine Blog, Wine Bloggers) Pinot Noir is a traditional red wine with a low acidity, high sweetness and a strong acidity in the mouth.

It has a high concentration of sugar, so you can taste it and get a nice buzz. 


Château Lafiteur – “Lavender and Champagne” (Lavander Wine) The Lavender is a red wine made with the rosemary plant, and the Champagne is made with red wine grapes, so the aroma of the grape is more floral and floral than the aroma you would expect from a red or white wine. 


Sauvignon Blanc – (“La Vie en Rose” by La Vie enRose) La Vie is a grape grown in the region of La Planche des Faux Roses in France.

It is a wild grape that has been bred for wine since the beginning of time. 


Pappy Van Winkle – La Pape de Vin – A Champagne that is made by mixing two kinds of red wine together. 

7. Chablis – This one is a classic grape that can be made from grapes that have been bred specifically for that purpose. 


Pinots de Blanc -(Pappy Van Vliet’s website) Pappy Vliewerts Pinot family vineyard produces Pinots, Sauvants and Pinot Blancs. 


Bordeaux – Côte de Bordeau Cote de Brie is a great red wine that is also used in champagne. 


Meritage – Marjory Stonemier, The Wine Spectators The French term for this wine is “Mondiale”. 

It is made from white wine grapes. 

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