Plum Wine Is Making Its Own Moonshine for the ’90s

Plum Wine is making its own moonshine.

Plum Wine has been selling bottles at festivals for years.

Now it’s being sold at a small craft brewery in Maine for $10.99 a bottle.

The company, known for its unique taste, says it’s named for the plum fruit it’s made from.

Plum wine is made with a small amount of sugar that gives the beer a distinct, honey-like taste, said Dan O’Neil, owner of Plum Wine.

He also said the company has found a way to sell its product at small breweries in the Northeast.

He’s hoping to open a craft brewery next year in New York.

The brand’s namesake comes from the fact that its alcohol content is as low as 3 percent.

It’s not really a wine.

It doesn’t have the same kind of sweetness as a wine or whiskey, said O’Neill.

It has a lot of fruitiness.

And the taste is like, you can just taste the alcohol in there.

It really is a little different than a wine that has a wine component.

The beer is also made with only one type of yeast, according to Plum Wine’s website.

O’Neal says the company uses only the most potent yeast available.

We don’t want to compromise on quality or taste.

We’re really happy with the taste and the beer,” he said.

We have a big market here, and we’re excited to expand to a whole new market.

Plum wines will be available at craft breweries in New England.


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