“I can’t drink red wine!” Wine Flu victim says after losing eye to flu

A 62-year-old wine industry veteran was treated for flu-like symptoms after he was hospitalized with the flu in Los Angeles last week.

The Riverside County Fire Department treated James Lee, who works in the wine industry, for the flu after he came down with a case of flu-associated coronavirus on March 4, according to Riverside County Emergency Services.

Lee, whose age is listed as 60, was treated by Dr. John Mathers, the Riverside County Public Health Department, and he was discharged from the hospital in Santa Ana on March 10, according a press release from the county.

The news of his condition quickly spread through social media.

“I don’t know why I am getting all the press,” Lee said to The Daily Beast, when asked if he had any idea what was going on.

“But when it was over, I got a text message from my wife, saying that I have a fever.

I don’t have any idea why.”

Lee told The Daily Show that his wife was a regular visitor to his home, which is located just outside of Los Angeles.

“She came home with the fever, I was out with my wife at home,” he said.

“So I went to her house and I said, ‘Hi, is this your husband?

Is he okay?’

And she said, he’s fine.

She said, you’re doing well.’

And I was like, ‘Yeah, well I’ll just call you when I get home.'”

He said his wife also texted him, “Hi James, I just saw you, and you have the flu.

How is your husband doing?’

And he said, I’m doing fine.

“When I got home I didn’t have a headache, I felt great. “

We had a wedding reception with our family last night and then the next day I had the flu,” he recalled.

“When I got home I didn’t have a headache, I felt great.

My wife was right there, her eyes were blue, she looked so happy.”

Lee’s family was able, however, to travel to California for an emergency meeting with his doctor.

“It was a good meeting,” he told The Los Angeles Times.

“They gave us a lot of information, and it was good.

They had a lot to say.”

“I was feeling better and better,” he added.

“My wife was like ‘James, I know you’re feeling better, but we need to call you right now.’

So I said okay, I’ll call you in about a half an hour.”

The two-day emergency meeting, which was held on March 8, saw the pair discuss Lee’s recovery, which included antibiotics and painkillers, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Lee said he was diagnosed with influenza on March 9, which coincided with the beginning of the flu season, according the Daily News.

He added that his flu symptoms were so bad that he was not able to drive a car for two days.

“That was my first real flu symptoms,” he explained.

“And I thought, ‘Oh my god, I can’t drive.

I have to go to the hospital.’

So that was my excuse.

I was just really bad.”

Lee was diagnosed at the beginning, when his condition was not progressing and he felt worse than before, according The Daily News, adding that the doctor’s comments were important.

“He just said that I had to take it easy, and that I should be eating a lot, but that I would get better,” Lee told the newspaper.

“If you’re going to get really sick, it’s better to take care of yourself.”

Lee has been a wine industry worker for 40 years, having worked in retail for seven years.

He has had multiple sclerosis, and his wife is also battling MS.

“The biggest thing I have that’s been really important to me is to have the support of my family,” Lee explained.

He explained that he did not know that he had the illness until recently.

“In the last year, I started feeling worse and I just felt that it was time for me to go, so I thought I was going to go home and just have it,” Lee added.

The flu has been causing him some difficulties at work, but he said he has never felt worse, and said he does not plan to quit his job until he has recovered.

“This flu is not going to stop me from being a great wine producer, I’ve done that,” he stated.

“People say it’s a scary disease, but I’ve never been in a situation where I had any other issues before.

It’s been great.

I’ve had a great time working with the team.”

The Daily Mail reported that Lee has not returned to work since his condition began worsening on March 5.

“At this point, I have not


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