‘We were really lucky’: The best of our wines from the wine basket

The day’s winners: A rare win from Toulouse by Bordeaux, the first win from the Wines of the West event, and a new batch of reds from Chardonnay by Burgundy.

Read more about wine:Wine experts, wine experts, wines expert: What you need to know about wineRead more storiesThe event was a joint effort between the World Wines Festival, the Wine Council and the UK’s National Lottery, with proceeds benefiting the British Wine Foundation.

The event, which runs through Saturday, was held in the Wilsons home town of Wolverhampton.

The organisers said they had a “huge” turnout and there were a “trillion” bottles to choose from.

“We have won one of our most anticipated awards this year and we were really fortunate to be able to give some of the very best wines to the Wiese and Wines for the benefit of the British people,” said World Wine Festival chief executive Michael Crouch.

“There were some very good wines out there, and we think that’s what really impresses people when they hear about Wines Of The West.”

The wines from this year are not only excellent, they are truly exceptional.

“Wines from the event, organised by the Worldwines Festival and the National Lotteries, were awarded to five different winners.

The winning wines were a new Chardonntay from Burgundy from Château Raval, a new Riesling from St Gallen, the new Pommes Frites from St Petersburg and the new Pinot Noir from La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Read the full story at wine.co.uk/wines. Read more


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