Why are they so excited about the ‘stemless’ wine glasses?

It seems like the moment has come for stemless wine glass.

But first, there’s a little more work to do. 

So what are stemless glasses? 

“They are stem-free glassware,” said Kate Kudrow, senior research fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Beverages, in a press release. 

“This means they have no stem or top, but instead a thin, porous, glass-like material that can be bent and bent inwards like a stem.” 

“Stemless” glasses have the advantage of being reusable, she said, because they don’t require the glassware to be held up by a handle, like traditional stemless glassware. 

They are made by Beverage and Beverage Design, and have a design and manufacturing team in place. 

Baker’s, the wine and wine bar in New York City, has already started producing stemless glass. 

This week, Bourbonist’s announced a partnership with the California-based Cherry Creek to launch a line of stemless bottles in January, along with a line for the Palo Alto area. 

And it seems like other wine makers will soon follow suit. 

Last year, Molson Coors announced that it was partnering with a Japanese bar and restaurant to make stemless wines. 

It’s unclear if the Japanese bar will also make stem-free wine glasses, but we’ll have to wait and see if it does. 

As for the design, Kudrow said that the stemless glass is designed to fit snugly into a traditional stem-shaped glassware holder, but will not require it to be pulled apart. 

The glassware is made from a thin, flexible material that is porous and water-resistant. 

Kodak has also made stemless lenses for its G&M brand of eyewear. 

But what about the other part of the glass? 

Koudrow said the glass is designed with a stem shape that allows for a full glass surface without having to remove any glass.


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