When a glass is too good to be true: A study shows why a white wine rack might not be the best solution for your dry wine

The glass is usually the only thing that holds dry wine together, and if you think your dry beverage is ready to drink, you might be in for a shock.

Researchers at the University of Michigan, University of California, and Purdue University analyzed the effects of different types of dry glassware on dry wines.

Their findings suggest that a white, thin-walled, and round glass can work wonders in keeping dry wines from getting too dark.

In the study, researchers examined wine storage containers in various storage areas across the country, and then compared how well the glass held dry wines against the storage of other types of glassware.

They found that while white glass is the most commonly used for dry storage, it didn’t perform as well as other types.

The researchers then took the dry wine containers and stored them in their own glassware, to see how it changed.

They found that white glass had the biggest impact on dryness, and white glass with a rounded rim worked the best.

While the researchers did find that a slightly thicker rim helped dry wines, the research also suggests that the smaller rim also helped dry wine, and the larger rim didn’t help as much.

“We have some evidence that the best glassware is the one that is the smallest and roundest,” said senior study author, Andrew R. Stapleton, professor of wine.

He added that even though it was a “small study,” the researchers were able to see some “significant” effects of glass size and rim design on dry wine storage.

Although the researchers found that a round rim was the best option for storing dry wines in the storage containers, the researchers say the round glass was also the best choice for dry wine in the refrigerator.

White glass, which is thinner than white wine and round, is generally more durable than other types and is used in wine production for decades.

White wine is usually placed on a rack and stored in the refrigeration unit to maintain its integrity.

When it comes to dry wine quality, researchers say that white wine racks are typically used in the cold, so it makes sense that they are better suited to keeping dry wine from getting darker.

The researchers also found that the researchers had some evidence of the effect of the shape of the rim of a glass being a factor in how well it held dry wine.

For example, the shape and size of the wine rack made no difference in the results.

For more on dry storage check out our Wine Basics post, How to store wine in wine racks.


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