What is wine?

The title “What is wine?” is the question we’ve been asking ourselves ever since wine began being identified as a wine by the first Europeans to arrive in Australia.

But we know this is not a simple question.

Wine is a complex beverage that contains an array of ingredients, such as fruit, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and phenolic compounds, all of which have an impact on the flavour and the experience of wine.

In fact, wine has been around for over three thousand years, as recorded by wine historians.

It was the world’s first known beverage, and the first beverage ever produced by humans.

Even today, we find traces of wine throughout our lives, and its influence is felt in our daily lives.

Wine has a complex history in Australia, and we can trace its roots back to early explorers, who were looking for a new source of wine when they arrived in the continent.

The first recorded European settlement in Australia is the Portuguese in the late 17th century, and many Aboriginal peoples in the region were using wine as a medicine. 

Today, wine is an essential ingredient in a range of Australian dishes, including sausages, pasta and meat pies, as well as on menus in restaurants.

The first recorded reference to wine came from the 13th century Italian traveller and scholar Giordano Bruno.

Bruno recorded his travels through Australia in the 1340s, and in his travels, he encountered a vineyard on the coast of Cape Breton, which he described as “a very pleasant and pleasant wine-growing area”. 

Bruno visited the region a number of times over the following decades, and, in 1356, he recorded that he had tasted the wine that he described to be “very good and agreeable”.

This was, according to Bruno, “a pleasant and agreeable wine” and it was “not so much a wine as it was the wine of the sea”. 

In 1402, he wrote that “this vineyard [which he described] had been planted by the Romans with grapevines” and that “their vines grow on a very good soil and have a good flavour”.

It was only in the 19th century that wine was recognised as a source of food and medicinal value, and by the mid-20th century it had become one of Australia’s most popular drinks.

Around the turn of the 20th century the number of wines consumed in Australia increased from more than 30,000 in 1900 to more than 1.8 million in 1970. 

By the time of World War II, there were about 890,000 wines consumed, with a total of 1.3 billion bottles of wine produced worldwide.

Wine was one of the first beverages to be sold in supermarkets and bars, and it is still sold in some areas.

Today, Australians spend about $8 billion on wine each year, and about half of that goes to wine producers.

But what exactly is wine, and why is it so important?

Wine is not an agricultural commodity like wheat or maize, nor is it an industrial product like chemicals or plastics.

Rather, wine comes from the grapes of a variety of vineyards, with each grape having its own characteristics and growing conditions.

Like many plants, the vines that produce wine are a complex collection of plant species.

Some produce fruit called a viticulturalis, while others produce a syrup called viticulture.

Viticulture produces the flavour of wine by breaking down the grapes into sugars.

The sugar that is broken down by the vines is called vinifera. 

Viticulturalis and vinigra are produced in a variety that are named after the vineyard where they are produced.

These wines are generally higher in alcohol, so are generally not enjoyed by people who drink alcohol.

Viticulturalis wines are typically produced in small, small vineyards on private estates or in remote locations, and they are generally very expensive.

A popular and popular wine in Australia today is the red wine.

A red wine is usually white wine or red grape wine, with the wine aged for a period of six months in the vineyards. 

Red wine is often associated with Australian cuisine, especially in Australia’s south-west, where it is popular with people who prefer a lighter, less sweet and more traditional style of food.

Red wine has a reputation for being more refreshing and less bitter than white wine.

This is because red wine has the same chemical constituents as white wine, which means that it can take longer to break down, and therefore a longer shelf life.

White wine has similar chemical constituents to red wine, but it is usually aged for longer.

As with many wines, red wine can be very expensive, especially if it is aged in red wine barrels for longer than six months.

In Australia, red wines are also more expensive than white wines.

In 2015, a red wine cost $2,939 per bottle, according the Australian Wine Wh


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