Why is Kim Crawford’s naked wine review a hot topic in wine gift baskets?

Kim Crawford is one of the best wine reviewers in the business.

A former critic of Samuel Adams, she now reviews wines from the best wineries in Canada, and the best of the rest of the world.

She’s been covering wine for over a decade and her latest wine review is her latest big winner.

I asked her why the review was so hot, and she explained.

“Because it’s very obvious and it’s in English, so people can understand it and get a bit of an understanding of what it’s about,” she said.

Kim Crawford, wine gift basket review The wine in this review is from the Bordeaux region, in northern France.

“So people can get a real understanding of it,” she added.

“And it’s really good, because it’s not overly sweet, it’s just very full and full of wine.”

Crawford is not alone in her love of wine.

In fact, the wine review was ranked number one on Wine Spectator’s top 10 wine gift baskets, and ranked number six on WineBundles.com.

Kim has written for Wine Spectators and the Wine Review for years, and said she would be happy to continue writing reviews.

“I have a lot of friends that are really into wine and have written a lot and I would like to do more, and I have a big list of friends who are really passionate about wine,” she explained to The Guardian.

What’s your favourite wine gift for Kim Crawford? “

They are really excited about wine.”

What’s your favourite wine gift for Kim Crawford?

Tell us about your favourite gift below! 

Find out more about wine gift making at The Wine Review


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