How to tell if you’ve been drinking wine with friends

A new study finds that it’s better to just tell someone what you are drinking if you can avoid having them know it. 

The findings, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show that when you don’t know what you’re drinking, people are less likely to think about it and more likely to have a positive experience.

“This was surprising because most people have experienced something that was just too delicious to pass up, but it’s really important to remember that not everyone can say, ‘I was drinking this with friends,'” lead researcher and University of New Hampshire professor Elizabeth A. Jones told NBC News. 

“It’s important that you try to make people aware of what you drink, so that they can try it with their friends, and they don’t end up feeling guilty,” Jones added.

The researchers also found that if someone tells you that they were drinking something, they’re more likely than not to feel embarrassed, rather than feeling like they’re being truthful.

“People were actually much more likely if they said that they drank something with someone that they knew, that they felt embarrassed,” Jones said.

The research also found people who reported drinking wine were more likely (or even more likely) to report that they had experienced an “unusual sensation,” such as feeling sick or tired.

The study was led by University of Illinois at Chicago Professor of Psychology Daniel D. Weingarten and included the help of researchers at Duke University, the University of Chicago, the Universities of Rochester, and the University at Buffalo.

“What’s surprising is that people really didn’t notice that their wine experience was different,” Jones told MSNBC. 

She added that wine and alcohol were associated with the same feeling of being “on top of the world” and being able to “find yourself.”

The study focused on the effect that alcohol has on people’s sense of self.

In other words, what is a person feeling about themselves?

The researchers found that alcohol affected the people’s perception of themselves as people.

For example, when they drank, the participants thought they felt “more relaxed” than when they didn’t.

But when they felt relaxed, they thought they had less energy and were less focused on their surroundings.

“When people are really relaxed, when you feel like you’re not going to hurt anybody, that’s the state of being you want to be in,” Jones explained.

“People feel they’re not being judged by their peers or by the world.”

The research team also found alcohol affected people’s perceptions of others.

“The more alcohol they drank the more they felt like they were being judged,” Jones continued.

“They were also more likely and more comfortable with being alone.

We thought, this could be because we’ve seen in other studies that alcohol increases anxiety and anxiety increases risk.”

In addition to the increased sense of isolation, the researchers found drinking alcohol also caused feelings of happiness and contentment.

This was most pronounced in people who were older, who experienced greater distress. 

In the study, participants who reported that they “had experienced some kind of alcohol intoxication” were also less satisfied with their lives, with about a quarter saying they felt unhappy and almost a quarter reporting feelings of “depression” or “anxiety.” 

Researchers found that, in a similar way, drinking alcohol caused feelings that were less pleasant.

“In fact, drinking more alcohol increases feelings of self-control and anxiety and also reduces pleasure, so these two feelings can be related,” Jones noted.

In other words: the research indicates that it is best to simply tell people if they’re drinking with friends if you have to.


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