How to keep your eyes open and not get your nose too far up your nose

By JIM DUNNE, Associated Press The world of wine and spirits is about to get a little more interactive, thanks to a new wearable device called Snoop Dogg Wine.

Its a wine tasting device with a smartphone app, and its a big deal for wine lovers who want to see their wine and other spirits as part of a conversation with friends.

But the app’s been limited in some markets, as the Wine Institute of America has warned.

So far, the company has focused its efforts on North America, with limited success.

Snoop does not have a specific U.S. market yet, said Mark O’Keefe, a senior vice president at the Wine and Spirits Institute.

And the company’s in the process of working on a broader global distribution.

It’s also looking to get its product in more bars and restaurants, O’Keefe said.

“We’re getting a lot of buzz from bars, restaurants and pubs around the world,” he said.

The app, which costs $49, works by scanning a QR code on a piece of glass and then scanning the text on it.

It then sends the message to a smartphone or tablet connected to your phone.

The message is displayed on the phone, and you can view the messages in a big, beautiful bar or restaurant display.

“You’ll get a big image of your wine and the text that’s going on on that glass and the message will pop up and you’ll see it on the screen, and then you’ll know where it is,” O’keefe said of the Snoop dogging device.

The device comes in a variety of colors, including red, orange and yellow, as well as the popular green and purple.

It works with Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and computers.

The Wine Institute said it’s trying to get the device into more bars, but so far, there’s been some resistance.

The organization warned consumers not to try the app in bars unless they’re a member of the association.

“Snoop Dogging is a great idea for anyone who wants to have a conversation, but they should not attempt it unless they are a member,” said John L. Smith, the Wine Council’s senior vice chairman and CEO.

The wine industry has been lobbying for the device for years, but the Wine Foundation said it could lead to a more interactive experience, as more people get connected with the wine world.

“If we get Snoop to take on this big, big challenge, we think we can build a platform where people can interact with one another and enjoy wine,” Smith said.


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