A new wine from a mysterious origin has gone on to win the 2018 Wine Spectator’s Wine of the Year award

The new wine that has gone viral over the past month is the bordeaux-wine Decoy.

It’s a blend of cask-conditioned, sherry- and oak-aged French white wines with an unusual blend of flavors from a blend that seems to have been inspired by the ancient Egyptian wine tradition.

While it is one of the rare wines in the world that contains no sugar, it has a slight bite and sweetness to it, and is also remarkably low in alcohol.

It is also the first wine from the French region of Château-St. Julien that has won the 2018 International Wine Spectators Wine of The Year award.

The Decoy wine is available only in Châtes-de-Fonds, a popular wine-growing area in northeastern France.

Châtes-de-“Fonds” is where wine grapes are grown and the Châts-de-‘Fonds region was founded by the French king Philippe-Charles.

It borders the French Alps and the Pyrenees and contains some of the best wine grapes in the entire country.

This year’s winner, a blend called Decoy, is from Châtaëlle, a wine region in eastern France.

According to the wine blog, it is “a blend of six different vintage varieties with a little bit of a touch of oak and vanilla and a little something of chocolate and honey.”

Decoy is also in the French wine industry’s “golden age” category, which is the most expensive category.

The winemaker behind Decoy told The Huffington Post that he’s using an ancient Egyptian ritual called the “kalt-e-khalt,” which means “blessing wine” in Egyptian.

He said he wants to create a “very strong, very elegant wine,” because “you can’t create a wine that is strong enough to be considered the best.”

The winery’s website says Decoy has a “taste of the past” and is “very elegant.”

According to a description on the winery website, the wine is made with “a single vintage from Chateau-Saint-Julien and three different varieties of oak from Chasse-La-Salle, Chateaux-Bordeaux and Châtelle-Chateaux,” and “a small proportion of the oak-finished wine grapes that make up the wine.”

It has a low alcohol by volume of 6.8 percent, making it an “interesting blend” that is also “not too sweet,” according to the winemaker.

Decoy won the wine-wine category for 2018.

The award was announced in the same year as the first International Wine Spirits Competition, which celebrates excellence in wine and spirits.

In 2018, the International Wine Trade Association honored the International Golden Cup of Wine with a “gold medal.”

It’s the first time that a winemaker has won an international award for his or her wine.

This is a very different winemaking world than we have been in for years, and I think we have a lot to learn.

The Golden Cup is an international competition that celebrates excellence and brings together world-class winemakers from around the world.

The International Golden Cups have been held annually since 2002, and winners are chosen by a panel of judges.

It takes place every four years, usually in late May or early June.

The winners are presented at the World Wine Awards ceremony in New York City.

Deco is one example of the award-winning wines that are selected for the Golden Cup.

The winning blend, according to Deco’s winemaker, was made by Châthon-Léonard-Boulanger, who is a local winemaker and winemaker at the Chateauroux winery in Chateaubriand, a region in northeastern northern France.

This winery has a small quantity of grapes, and a lot of grapes.

They’re very low in acidity and the acidity level is quite high.

We don’t use sugar and it’s very low, so we can go into the fermentation stage with a lot less.

So, I think the taste is very good, but we’re not going to win, because of the complexity of the winemare.

And then the wine has to be aged for a long time, because the grapes have to be ripe for a while.

I don’t know how long the wine will be in the bottle, but it should be a very long time.

The wine’s makers are very happy with the result.

It was a very successful winery, and it will be very successful in the future, because we have such a small amount of grapes in Chatchillon and there are a lot more grapes in L’Atelier du Châtellier than in Charest.

It will be really, really interesting.

It would be a new


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