Merlot wine is one of the best wines you can drink – the BBC

A wine-making frenzy has started in France and its grape variety is not the only one being celebrated.

In the Champagne region, the vineyards have also been making wine with a new variety of fruit. 

The fruit is called a Merlot, and it is produced by planting the vines in the winter with the help of a cold-water evaporation system.

The vineyards in France, Italy and Spain have all been experimenting with new grape varieties and are now producing a wine with the new fruit.

Merlot wine was first made in the 18th century, and has since become popular in Europe.

Its popularity has also led to it being exported all over the world.

It is now produced in many different countries, including the US, the UK, Germany and Japan.

The new variety is also very easy to grow, which means it has been very popular in France.

The wine is also being exported as a specialty, and a number of different producers are now experimenting with it.

The Merlot is not a new grape.

It has been used in France for centuries, but it has never been exported.

Merlots were first cultivated in the French countryside in the 16th century.

They were first used to make wine, but the Merlot had been grown in Germany.

It was thought that it was the grape that would help the Germans to make their wines.

It also had a good reputation in the 17th century for its ability to resist rot.

The grape has now been used as a wine-maker since the 1770s, and is now grown in many parts of France.

This new grape is produced in a special way.

The vines are planted in cold water.

The water is not hot, but cool. 

This means that the grapes get the chance to get rid of any bacteria and the fruit gets to be fruitier. 

If the temperature is right, the fruit is ready to ripen in a few weeks.

The fruit ripens around December and the wine is made around March.

There are also new varieties of fruit in the area, such as the Marlots, which is made with the same fruit.

The vines are grown on a very cold-weather farm, but they can be grown in summer on the hot French soil.

The taste of the Merlots is very different from other wines made with this variety.

The fruit is fruity, with a little citrus and the flavour is very similar to white wine. 

There are more than 400 varieties of Merlot. 

It is not unusual to taste Merlot when you taste other varieties of wine.

You can find a few Merlottes in supermarkets, in the wine shops, and in the markets of other regions of France and Germany.

The wines have been made in France since the 19th century and they are still enjoyed by people from all over France.


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